Test your Color Vision

What can you score on the Xrite Hue Test? Take it at the link below and post your scores:


Here’s mine first try:

It’s interesting that they note that your score on this test is influenced by the lighting around you, the background colors at your desk area, your level of tiredness, your gender, and even your age. My personal experience is that these and many other things including blood sugar levels affect your sensitivity and creativity when printing, and that there is a limited window each day for doing the most exacting work. This squares with the experience of other printmakers whom I respect.

I would think that the monitor you are using could affect this as well. I did mine on a NEC PA242W which is very accurate. I’ve seen evidence to suggest that average monitors will make it more difficult to get a perfect score.

I see this as a tool not to measure yourself agains others, but rather a tool to help you find your current limitations fo color perception so that you can work to improve them. I don’t think most people are born looking at color precisely, although I am sure there are exceptions. I know it took me a lot of time and effort to learn.

So go ahead, take the test, and share your score!

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